Safety Program

PMI Banner: "If you are aware of it, take care of it"Performance Mechanical, Inc. (PMI) is committed to a "zero incidents and zero injuries" safety culture. This commitment is demonstrated through our full time safety personnel, our supervision and our requirements to plan safety into every day.

The safety, health and welfare of all our employees is a top priority that we take very seriously.  Whether it's safety training, wellness programs, jobsite auditing, or incentive programs, all these things help us keep our injury rates well below the industry standard.  It also helps keep our employees healthy and productive, which benefits our clients and projects in general.

We track safety performance metrics such as:

  • Injury rates
  • Stop/pause work authority catches
  • Near misses
  • First aids
  • MVA's
  • Property damage
  • Environmental releases
  • Driving Behavior (on board GPS)