Food & Beverage

PMI has a long history of servicing the food and beverage industry. Our team is highly experienced in all stainless steel food grade piping. We understand our clients’ needs, especially with regards to following the FDA procedures, and we work with our clients to give them the quality and cleanliness they require within their systems.

Along with piping systems, we are experienced and qualified with installation of all related process and conveyance equipment, including pasteurizers, conveyors, fillers, packers, de-palletizers, and packaging systems. We are also capable of providing the structural steel erection, concrete foundations, and underground piping and utilities when required for new processing facilities, upgrades, and expansion projects.

At PMI we have our own cost accounting software and P6 scheduling software expertise that enable our field staff to control their project with daily input, allowing us to report to our client accurate measurement and statistics of every aspect of the project. If the client has specific areas they want controlled, we can and do customize our reporting systems as needed.

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