Pacific Gas & Electric

Thermal Oxidizer Replacement

PMI demoed the existing thermal oxidizer stack along with all associated equipment, steel, and all piping connected or associated with the thermal oxidizer. This included PMI removing the existing gas rack and piping that was on the other end of the deck and installing the new rack and piping.

PMI installed the new thermal oxidizer stack, all the equipment attached, and a new platform to reach the thermal oxidizer and the new systems. The platform was built with all new structural steel that was laid out and installed around the new thermal oxidizer stack. PMI cut in two new six-inch valves on the third level deck, replaced an overdue upgrade to the fuel gas on the other side of the site, and replaced all the valves and piping associated with those lines.

PMI also installed new tie-ins for the instrument air and pilot gas systems under the deck. Every piping system was hydro tested and turned over to AECOM.

Pacific Gas & Electric


2 months

Total Direct Man-Hours: