Almond 2, Turlock, CA

Power Plant Construction

As general contractor for this client’s new natural gas–fired simple-cycle peaking facility, Performance Mechanical, Inc. (PMI) installed three General Electric LM6000PG turbines with SPRINT (SPRay INTercooling) and associated support equipment.

This equipment included an 115Kv switchyard with a substation control house, breakers, transformers, structural materials, and cabling.

Throughout the project, PMI performed all calibration and testing, including that required by the GE equipment. The new facility adds 174 megawatts of output to the client’s power portfolio.

PMI also erected three selective catalytic reduction units with catalyst-loading-after-first-fire, as well as the units' electrical systems and instrumentation. We also constructed a 3,150-square-foot warehouse and shop expansion.

PMI installed underground electrical duct banks, aboveground electrical and instrumentation systems, a new grounding grid, and cathodic protection.

We then integrated the new systems with the Almond 1 control centers, the plant security system, and lighting. During shutdowns, 40 tie-ins connect the new Almond 2 plant to the existing plant without impacting that plant's operation.

Around the property's perimeter, PMI demolished 1,896 linear feet of existing fence, put up 2,730 linear feet of new permanent fence, and installed and later removed 2,137 linear feet of temporary fence.

To accommodate equipment foundations, pads, and footings, PMI laid 3,114 cubic yards of concrete. Furthermore, we put in 21,481 feet of underground piping and 6,267 feet of aboveground piping. As part of this process, PMI flushed lubrication oil from the lines, performed gas line air blows with targets, and oversaw both hydro and pneumatic testing.

PMI's site preparation involved excavating 6,071 cubic yards of soil and back filling 2,500 cubic yards of soil. For the Almond 2 facility, the company installed 1,500 tons of asphalt. We also put in a new storm water drainage system, modified a storm water retention pond, and constructed a new storm water retention pond for Almond 1 and Almond 2.

The California Energy Commission approved all construction, and all work was performed in compliance with the commission's biological, cultural, storm water pollution prevention, and air quality criteria.


12 months

Total Direct Man-Hours:
207,485 (including subcontractors)