Chevron, Richmond, CA

FCC 42-in Relief Header Piping Replacement

The scope of work on this project consisted of pre-turnaround piping fabrication and installation of off-plot FCC relief header replacement running from the existing FCC relief knockout drum to the existing FCC flare stack.

The pre-turnaround replacement relief header was installed in parallel with the in-service relief header, along with new and modified foundations and pipe support structures.

We supplied all piping, valves, and instruments within the pre-turnaround of approximately 2,000 linear feet of 42” diameter carbon steel piping and supplied new supports replaced with new material.

The scope of work during the turnaround event also consisted of continuing from the existing knockout drum into the FCC unit.

Removal and replacement included approximately:

  • 340 linear feet of 30” diameter carbon steel pipe and supports
  • 120 linear feet of 24” diameter carbon steel pipe and supports
  • 240 linear feet of 16” diameter carbon steel pipe and supports
  • 30 linear feet of 36” diameter carbon steel pipe and supports
  • 6 new tower support structures each with associated tie-ins to existing piping within the unit
  • all piping hydro-tested upon completion of installation


JACOBS Engineering

6 months

Total Direct Man-Hours: